The Steiner Ranch name is known throughout the rodeo world, where the "Steiner Brand of Rodeo" has always meant a high-quality rodeo production featuring championship Steiner stock. The Steiner fame began with Mr. "Buck" Steiner, who purchased the first section of Steiner Ranch land in the early 1940's. The Steiner Ranch holdings were added to over the years, with the ranch foreman's house and barn of the working "Rodeo Ranch" once located on the site where Steiner Ranch Elementary now stands. Staff and students are proud to carry forward a piece of local color and history, as well as the tradition of world-class excellence associated with the Steiner Ranch name.

School Mascot: Stallion

School Colors: Navy, Burgundy and Silver

Steiner Ranch School Song

We’re the Steiner Ranch Stallions

We’re a #1 School

Burgundy, silver, navy our colors are cool

We work, we play, we listen

We do our lessons well

In everything we do here, we try to excel


Boots and hats, barbed wire

Are symbols or our pride

We feel whenever we step inside

We all are striving to be the best we can

Together we’re the outriders

Of Steiner Ranch

Yee Haw