Parent/Student Resources

 Daily News at Steiner Ranch Elem
  • TRANSPORTATION CHANGES- We ask that you please make all transportation changes by 2:00 PM. You may write a note or call the front office (NO EMAILS  OR FAXES PLEASE), please include STUDENT NAME, TEACHER, DATE, & PARENT SIGNATURE. This will ensure the change gets to the right student and teacher on time. Please include the location where your child will be picked up. We only do transportation changes on the day of the change. If it is a permanent change, please let office know, it will stay that way until you tell us different.
  • ABSENCES - Need to include, STUDENT NAME, (FIRST & LAST NAME) DATE, and REASON/or Dr's Note.
  • STUDENT ITEM DROP OFF - All items that need to be dropped off to the student during school hours should be placed on the shelves in the front entrance. Please label with the child's name and teacher. There are little name tags on cart to tape on item. No visitors allowed during instructional time in the classroom, unless you are volunteering. (you must be approved) IF these items are money, glasses, or electronic devices, please let office know immediately.
  • BALLOONS and ARE NOT ALLOWED AT SRE FOR THE SAFETY OF OUR CHILDREN. We will also hold any flowers in the front office due to allergies. The student may pick them up after dismissal.
  • NO VISITORS DURING INSTRUCTIONAL TIME IN THE CLASSROOMS - unless it's an LISD approved class party or special event, or unless these visitors are approved LISD volunteers, and volunteering/helping in the classroom.
  • SIGN IN/OUT - When students are signed in/out please make sure you write their names on the in/out clipboards hanging in the front, this helps with tracking our students. Please let front office know when you are checking in/out a student.
  • SECURITY - The security of our children is very important to us. In order for VISITORS  and  VOLUNTEERS to enter the building, you must show ID or have ID on file to get a BADGE printed at the front office. The second entrance will remain locked during school hours. Students of SRE may go thru the second entrance starting at 7:20 AM - 7:45 AM, but visitors and volunteers  MUST SIGN IN and get a BADGE AT ALL TIMES. If student comes in after 7:45 AM they will need to get a tardy in the front office. If student comes in after 8:45 AM they are considered ABSENT. Please check out at the front office, checking out is just giving your name tag back to the receptionist. Thank you for understanding and keeping our children safe! 
  •  IF YOUR STUDENT FORGOT SOMETHING AND NEEDS TO GET BACK IN BUILDING AFTER DISMISSAL: the teacher has to accommodate the child to get back to the classroom.  All hallway doors are locked after dismissal for the safety of our staff.
  •  VOLUNTEERS must be approved to work at SRE with our children. Renewal is mandatory each year.. Volunteers will be signed in/out at the front office. This will ensure the safety of our wonderful Volunteers in the building. We appreciate everything you do!!
  • DRESS CODE GUIDELINES- Please remember to follow LISD dress code guidelines.
  • Student Handbook Information Here “The foundational literacy and mathematics instruction in the elementary grades is essential to success in middle school, high school and beyond.  Did you know that when children are absent as few as one day every two weeks, the cumulative time missed in the classroom can accumulate to two full weeks in the school year lost to instruction?  As we continue these conversations about attendance, thanks for all you do already to ensure your students get to school every day, and on time.
  • Although parents of students in grades K - 2 with visitor's badges are welcome to wait with their children in the cafeteria in the morning until teachers arrive to walk the students to class, all students in grades K - 5 will walk to classrooms independently or with their teacher. Campus staff will be waiting in the front hallway every day to help any student not yet confident in walking alone.
  • Birthdays: We are happy to welcome your child's birthday treats (single-serve treats please) if your child's teacher has given her consent. This consent from the teacher is very important since your child's classroom may have a serious allergy issues. If approved, please bring the treats to the front office on the agreed-upon day, and the teacher will distribute them to the students. To preserve instructional time, we can't accommodate birthday balloons, favor bags/candy or visitors to the classroom during this time. Thank you in advance for your understanding.